It's all in your mind.

There's an aspect of psychology in human thinking and perception, called the Negativity Bias.

In a nutshell, we're programmed from around 1 year old and onwards, to have a negatively biased outlook.

I think this explains well, why some people see situations in a certain light, and why others perceive the same information in a different way.

Your brain has neural plasticity, and by maintaining a negative perception, you are carving a thought pattern into your mind or consciousness.

Media perception is very on topic, but remember that every time that perception of media, govt, arises, you trigger the same reaction, and strengthen that thought.

The media isn't responsible for your happiness, and nor are you forced to be influenced by it.

By highlighting what you believe to be an issue, you're perpetrating a negative response in those who would otherwise, be ambivalent to what they see, so, you're knowing or unknowingly sowing seeds in people's minds, seeds that don't germinate anything positive.

I think that fundamentally, you have an inner knowing, that will, if you let it, guide you on a path to a more balanced mindset.

YOU can choose how to respond.

I wonder whether, if you never watched or listened to the news, would you still hold the villains of the day responsible for the world you perceive, because part of your evolution is such, that you're programmed to perceive the worst, as it was a mechanism for discerning between survival and your demise.

In a world of fake news and mixed views, where spin and denial is served daily (or is it?)

Should we devolve our decision making ability, to a political or ideological cause?

Or can we still FEEL the truth of a situation?

You know what's right, because you can feel it, it's in there, inside you, so why not bring it to the surface, have faith in yourself.

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