Your Heartsong

In us, is our purpose, but we must ask ourselves, what is our purpose?

Well, that depends whether we answer with our head or our heart.

If like me, you didn't know what you wanted to be, if the right answer always eluded you, then you were probably answering with your head.

Your culture, upbringing, family, or peer pressure, may try to guide you to fit in, but what if the path you're led to, just doesn't feel right?

What do you do?

You need to consider something, do you want to feed your bank balance, or feed your soul?

In an ideal world, you'd choose the later, sometimes circumstances force you to choose the former, but I feel the right answer is somewhere in the middle.

If we could live on love alone, we'd be blessed I'm sure, but love doesn't provide for your family, or pay the bills, it doesn't offer you security for your latter years.

When I spend time with people in mediumship classes, I listen to their wishes, and try to work out a way, in which I can help them achieve their wishes.

But the real question is, what do you wish to achieve, and why?

Success is nice, material wealth is nice, but shiny things become dull, someone else is the new hot topic, and peoples opinions change.

The constant, is that inside you, your sense of self worth and peace of mind is unchanged, unless you embrace the calling of your heart, the right path felt, it will speak to you in a way that words never can.

It's right, when it feels right, because your soul knows the right path, but you need to listen hard enough, to the voice within, the inner voice, and not the outer voice, that cries for attention.

Your heart song is what makes your heart sing, what fulfills you, what makes you feel like your purpose, your calling has been found.

So look within, and listen for the song, that song that makes your heart sing.

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