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Block Book Zoom Classes

£192 for 6 x 1 hour classes, (Save 20%)

If you wish to book a course of one to one tuition, I offer a generous discount for this service. 

This can be used to develop your Psychic, Mediumistic or Altered States development.

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Altered States & Trance Tuition via Zoom

£180 for 6 x 3hr Classes

I run Zoom classes periodically for overseas and non-local students that wish to learn about Altered States  & Trance Mediumship, this is an area of development which I firmly believe will enhance all aspects of your mediumship.

For more details regarding the next course, please contact me for further information.

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Online Tuition via Zoom

£40 per hour

Zoom classes are available to overseas students, or those who cannot attend a face to face tuition.

They can be used to work on any aspect of your mediumistic development.

Contact me today to set up a session so you can start benefitting from my wide range of services.

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Services I Offer

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I work intuitively on a psychic level, and mediumistic level, this means I connect to your energy if I'm working on a psychic level, but I also connect to the energy of your loved ones in the Spirit World.  All of these methods may be used in bringing forward the message but most importantly, the essence of love of your loved ones. This can be an emotional experience, but it can also be a very healing experience for both sides.

These services are available face to face or via Zoom (Video Conferencing)


One to One Reading

£40 for a minimum of 45 minutes.

I will connect using my mediumistic ability, to the energy and essence of your loved ones, in order to bring proof that life is eternal, and the passing over of those we love, is to another eternal realm, where they continue to be aware of the life we lead here in the physical world.

Spiritual Assessment

£40 for  a minimum of 45 minutes.

If your are interested in developing your mediumship, or you're already doing so, you may wish to receive guidance to ensure you're on the right path. I can connect to the spirit guides, teachers that work with you, and also to your energy, to gain an insight into where your potential may lay. 
This can be very valuable in ensuring you focus your energy in the right areas.

Altered States & Trance Tuition

£40 per hour.

Altered States & Trance Tuition is an area that can greatly enhance your personal awareness of the Spirit World, both when working with a client to bring forward evidence and information, and in your personal journey of the relationship you have with the Spirit World, and those who walk the path with you.